Our comprehensive educational easy and fun C.P.C. program allows you to understand the barriers that have been holding you back from reaching your health and wellness goals. We have collaborated with Cerego a learning platform that uses cognitive science and artificial intelligence to help you not only understand but effortlessly apply our program with visible results.  It identifies your strengths and weaknesses in critical areas and allows you to create personal and sustainable habits for a healthy future.

our focus is on 8 key areas:

  1. Putting You first

  2. Food Knowledge

  3. Smart Shopping

  4. Culinary techniques

  5. Habits over goals

  6. Safety and Sanitation,

  7. Physical activity and

  8. Harnessing the power of Herbs & Spices


We are different, we are revolutionary in the fact that we are professional chefs, skilled educators and experts in food and culinary techniques. As professional chefs we differentiate ourselves from other organizations because of our ability to adapt healthier techniques and food substitutions regardless of cultural difference.

Thank you again for your time and trust, I assure you if you adopt and apply our easy 1PL8 solutions to your daily life, your efforts will not be in vain, you will reach your health goals. Thank you and enjoy.