We are revolutionizing the way people get healthy and lose weight


The Treacherous 3 have made getting healthy and losing weight impossible, don't let them make you a customer for life. Our program allows you to personalize YOUR journey and make it about YOU. We do this by educating you in bite size increments, just like with food moderation is the key for sustainable success.


As the industry leader, we are at the forefront of the movement in Culinary Health and wellness™. We’re professional chefs, skilled educators, and experts in food and culinary techniques, that encourage you to examine your eating behaviors, manage your emotions, and help identify and prevent the personal triggers that foster your poor relationship with food.


Our engagement encourages consistent accountability, positive habit forming, and making lifestyle changes that can result in sustained generational health and wellness.


We differentiate ourselves from other organizations because of our ability to adapt healthy cooking techniques, food substitutions and so much more, while paying close attention to the importance of YOUR culture and food.


There has never been a program like ours or a time when it was most needed.

We are committed to you. We promise a program that is simple, accessible, dependable, knowledgeable, and impactful. We want to make sure our curriculum encourages, inspires, and increases your confidence and a sense of security. Your accomplishments and health and wellness are how we measure our success and dedication to you.


 Steps to Start:

  1. Tell us about yourself and sign a Self-Commitment Letter.

  2. Pay the Subscription fee under 1PL8 Member tab, receive an email and sign in to start program. 

  3. Begin your first course, and your health and wellness journey.

Want an Employee Health and Wellness Program that works?? 
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