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We are revolutionizing the way people get healthy and lose weight

The TREACEROUS 3 have made getting healthy and losing weight impossible, don't let them make you a “customer for life”Health and wellness are an integration of physical, emotional, spiritual, educational, and culture, contradicting the long thought idea, health, and wellness was just about physical health, nutrition, exercise, or weight management
























We are committed to you. We promise a program that is simple, accessible, dependable, knowledgeable, and impactful. We want to make sure our curriculum encourages, inspires, and increases your confidence and a sense of security. Your accomplishments and health are how we measure our success and dedication to you.


 Steps to Start:

  1. Pay the Subscription fee under 1PL8 Member

  2. Download the free mobile app for IOS or Android (App Name: Cerego)  

  3. Receive an email and sign in through the mobile app and create your profile.

  4. Begin your first course and start reaching your health and wellness goals.

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