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We are in the Business of Healthy People 


The Revolutionary new way to lose weight and get healthy 


  1. Company gets HUGE Return on Investment

  2. Healthier employees are more productive

  3. Healthier Employees take less sick days  

  4. Cooking Tutorials for healthier employee eating 

  5. All courses are viewable from any device

  6. Audible versions available

  7. Personalized learning

  8. Available for IOS and Android devices

  9. Learn at your own pace and when it fits your schedule

  10. Artificial Intelligence makes learning easy

  11. Cognitive Science makes learning stick      


Employees are overwhelmed and disengaged. To energize the workforce, employers are adopting and supporting a NEW and UNIQUE approach to employee Health and Wellness, that generates RESULTS!!

Steps to Start:​

  1. Join and become a member 1PL8 Member

  2. Download the free mobile app for IOS or Android (App Name: Cerego)  

  3. Receive an email and sign in through the mobile app and create your profile.

  4. Begin your first course and start reaching your health and wellness goals.

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