Public Speaking & Cooking Demonstration Engagements 

Our communities are facing a health epidemic that is growing exponentially.  In fact, its rate has doubled in adults and tripled in in children over the last twenty-five years alone! Education, and prevention can help prevent the worsening of many illnesses and alleviate the epidemic of chronic disease that currently exists.

Our programs combination of smart shopping, sound culinary techniques and food nutrition delivered through our videos,  lecture's or live healthy cooking demonstartions ensures a total education that will empower you to utilize, store, and cook healthy meals with an assured confidence.

The impact will only be relevant and tangible when all three areas can become part of the new normal.  To create a new movement and way of thinking, we believe that we must walk together on a new path to health. With our “Mise en Place Method”, we can change the health trajectory of not only this generation of people but the generation to come.

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