Guidewell Insurance Presentation

Motivational Lectures and Entertaining Cooking Demonstrations 

Thanks to social media something relatively easy, has been made overly complicated, confusing and challenging. What I have learned is people don’t know much about food. For that reason, they make unrealistic and absurd assumptions about food and health. 

As an award winning professional Chef Instructor and personal chef for professional athletes, celebrities, and business moguls Chef Rich has mastered his craft.  

As an experienced Educator and Expert in food and culinary techniques, he has been hired by Municipalities, Major Health Organizations, Insurance Companies, Churches, Corporations, and Colleges to demonstrate healthy cooking techniques.


These demonstrations and lectures have been described as:

Entertaining, Dynamic, Extremely Eye Opening and Informative.


We believe education and empowerment at the individual level is critical to free you from pharmaceutical companies. The power of food can reverse and prevent chronic illness, so we strive to serve the whole person–Mind, Body, and Spirit.


 Our program is established to be seamlessly integrated and applied to your lives, with instant benefits, financially, emotionally and physically.

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