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Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said over 2500 years ago, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Thanks to social media something relatively easy, has been made overly complicated, confusing and challenging. What I have learned is people don’t know much about food. For that reason, they make unrealistic and absurd assumptions about food. I have developed the 5 B’s of healthy shopping/eating. Shopping is a key component of healthy living because what you buy and bring home will inevitably be eaten. The 5 B’s are set so you can follow simple, easy guidelines that will lead you down a healthier path.

Unlike other failed child-centric approaches to this problem, our mission focuses on the entire family unit. Studies continue to show that overweight parents raise overweight children.  Poor eating behavior displayed and promoted by parents become habits that solidify as the child grows up. These children then become parents who do the same – it is this vicious cycle that plagues our families with deadly, but preventable diseases.

Our 1PL8 chefs are experienced educators and experts in 2 areas, food and culinary techniques. We believe education and empowerment at the family or individual level is critical to free you from pharmaceutical companies. The power of food can reverse and prevent chronic illness, so we strive to serve the whole person–Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Our Lectures and educational cooking demonstrations delivers on our solution with enthusiasm, interaction, engagement and fun. Our program is established to be seamlessly integrated and applied to their lives, with instant benefits, financially, emotionally and physically.

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