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Hey chef rich here from 1PL8 kitchen, where we cut through all the nonsense, and use our kitchens as our pharmacy and our food as our greatest medicine. There is a lot of power in food, and we are going to show you how to make it nutritious, delicious, fast and easy.

Today I want to talk about the 1st concentration point, and If you do not know what I mean please listen to our first podcast. Today we are going to talk about having a Positive attitude.

There is no tool more powerful than your attitude, and it does not matter where in life you are, you can always change it. As easy as that sounds it is hard and needs support and structure.

For me the biggest obstacle I’ve faced with working with people is not the tools they have, the size their kitchen or even the food they buy, I can always work around that and be successful. The biggest hurdle is their attitude; their negativity on how things are not going to work or how they have tried everything before, and it’s never worked.

This negativity is dangerous and damaging, it is a poison that slowly but surely makes its way to all areas of your life. And that poison is fueled by some of the poor food choices we make. The chemically laden, scientifically altered fake substance posing as

food sitting on the shelves. You continue to fuel a poison that is damaging you physically and emotionally.

The good thing is, it is never too late to change and rid yourself of that poison. There is no detox drink, super food or gizmo to make this happen. We only must decide to do it and then start in steps or stages. This approach may seem slow and not what you see on social media, but it works.

Using our 6-step approach will allow you to reach and keep your goals.

The 6 steps are:

1. Put yourself first

2. Identifying triggers

3. Family/friend support

4. Motivation as a tool

5. Focus on the goal

6. Make Short & Small, Long & Large goals

Number 1, you must put yourself first. I know so many of you sacrifice for your kids, your job, your friends and so much more. I am a parent of 3 so I understand the importance of that sacrifice but also understand that if you do not take care of yourself, you

lessen the amount you can give. I want you to be able to give 100% of yourself to your children, jobs and friends, and still have the energy to exercise, rest and have personal time. Not taking care of yourself develops shorter patience’s, lower energy, and higher stress levels. That combination of stress, low energy and anger transforms into chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, immune system deficiencies, heart conditions and so many more.

Number 2, we all know what triggers us and leads us down the road of poor decisions. These triggers can be a word, a food, a person any number of things. We must honestly identify them and then make plans to avoid them. This is an easy exercise to identify but a challenging one to accomplish. It is not impossible just challenging. For me, a trigger is anything chocolate. So, what I do, is avoid making eye contact with it. If I can avoid that, I can build up my tolerance and strength to say no. What also challenges me is when small minded people start telling me how difficult the task is, I’m trying to accomplish, how hard it is and how someone like me could never accomplish it. their small-minded opinions shake what fragile confidence I have in myself. My mission of changing the health of this country is a herculean task, I understand that, but I know together we can do it. It is so important to me that I recognize it

early in the conversation and either walk away or change the subject.

Number 3 is a special one because of its emotional sensitivity. It is the support from friends and family. The hardest emotionally because deep down inside we desire that support from our loved ones. And if we do not get it, or even worse, we get negative comments it can derail us from even getting started. Studies show the support from your loved ones has a tremendous positive effect on your ability to reach certain goals. Sit your family down and encourage them to support you, allow them to know how important this health goal is and how much their support means to you. So, what do we do if we do not have that support from our family? Then we must search our friend database or join a group of liked minded people that are looking to do the same thing. Support from a friend or group is crucial and can be used as a leaning post for each other.

Number 4 is using motivation as a tool. I personally am a fan of motivational videos and speeches. I find the struggle they speak about is something that I can relate to. It demonstrates their normalcies, and our similarities. They are regular people that just refused to give up. Obstacles are just opportunities, setbacks are just resets, and rock bottoms are just solid foundations to start

building. All that said, they are just tools. That feeling does not last nor does it produce results. Only you can produce the results you want. Motivation ought to be used to start your day, to put you in a positive state of mind. I have a routine that keeps me focused and incredibly positive. Every morning I wake up, my first act is to pray. I have a strong faith and truly rely on it to keep me focused, to serve and love on others.

Number 5 is to stay focused on your goal. Your goal should be you and you should be your goal. What I mean by that is you need to be so focused on your goal that you live it. You carry yourself differently, walk straighter and feel better about yourself. People notice you’re different, but not in a fake way in a more optimistic and encouraging way.

Number 6 is a common mistake when goal setting. many people set goals that are incredibly difficult, and unrealistic. Goals should be set short and small to establish and build confidence and belief in yourself, then larger longer-term goals. For instance, after dinner this week I want to walk around the block 2 times for 2 weeks. After so many short and small goal accomplishments you will be able to set your aim on larger long-term goals. An example would be in 6

months I will sign up for, run and complete a 5k run. I promise you, setting these baby steps will ease your road to success.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

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