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They are all working together to keep you down and away from reaching your goals. It is a precision 3 prong attack that drive you to become a CUSTOMER FOR LIFE. You Must stop listening to their lies.

1st attack is by the DIET industry spouting all these unsubstantiated, cherry-picked stats, that are supported by fake pictures and celebrity testimonials.

2nd is the support of advertising and media to promote these claims and give them credibility. Everywhere you turn you see an add, video, meme or paid testimonials, challenging your rational thoughts and trying to convince you you're wrong and they are right.

3rd is the final stage. When you have tried the diet and failed, you become depressed and start Emotionally Eating. This Emotional Eating now brings on chronic illness and obesity health issues that the third and final stage makes you a Big Pharma CUSTOMER FOR LIFE.

They are happy to give you all kinds of drugs that will NEVER make you healthy but sustain you as a lifelong client of theirs.

FIGHT them and take control of your health, we can do it together, if we work together and use FOOD AS MEDICINE.

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