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Your Return on Investment

Our C.P.C. Disease Management Program™ works to reverse and prevent chronic illness for your workforce. We measure that cost savings by:

  1. Reducing sick days due to chronic conditions

  2. Increase productivity and quality of work

  3. Decrease insurance claims due to chronic conditions.

Can a Virtual Preventative Care Program help employers reduce claims and thereby lower out-of-control health care costs and insurance premiums?


The answer is YES!  

The current method and standard of addressing this problem is flawed. The status quo of preventative care has seen rates of obesity in adults double, in children triple and health care cost skyrocket.


“To put this in further context, the cost of poor health to employers is greater than the combined revenues of Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, EBAY and Adobe.

This lopsided approach of exercise only, is wrong especially with an aging and overweight consumer, that is currently suffering from chronic illness. Using those programs an employer’s return on investment is @ .50 cents of savings or about $6.00 per employee per month, whereas our P.C.K™ Diseases Management program can bring a return of @ $3.80 or a savings of about $136 per employee per month.


To put that in context using our program a business that has 100 employees, can have a savings of around $1,632 per employee or $163,000 annually, and that’s not including the increase in revenue, due to a healthier, more productive workforce. My unique program helps prevent high-risk employees from becoming ill and helps chronically ill high-cost employees stabilize their conditions, as a group.