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Lifestyle Programs, and Diets


Diets do not work except to encourage the dangers of  Emotional Eating. Lifestyle programs render little to no return on health or your investments, and relying on pharmaceuticals is an expensive and prolonging option. Our program works to reverse and prevent chronic illness for at risk consumers. 

Can a Virtual Preventative Care Program help employers reduce claims and thereby lower out-of-control health care costs and insurance premiums?


The answer is YES!  

Your current lifestyle management program is giving you a return on investment of @ .50 cents of savings or about $6.00 per employee/member per month, whereas our Diseases Management program can bring a return of @ $3.80 or a savings of about $136 per employee/member per month. We are prepared to deliver these savings with little effort or disruption to your employees' work schedule or time. Our "Preventative Care Kitchen Program ™" is virtual, engaging, easy, and will empower and educate your workforce to save money, save time and get healthy. My book “Food is Our Greatest Medicine” details and addresses the horrific ingredients that are placed in the food we consume and why we need to avoid them.

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