Our country, labor force and communities are facing a health epidemic that is growing exponentially.  In fact, obesity rates have doubled in adults and tripled in in children over the last twenty-five years alone! 

•137 million Americans are living with chronic illness and in 2020 its estimated to hit 157 million and the majority are living with multiple conditions.

The U.S. (CDC) estimates that eliminating three risk factors

poor diet


smoking – would prevent:

 • 80% of heart disease and stroke;

 • 80% of type 2 diabetes;

 • 40% of cancer

Can a wellness programs help employers reduce claims and thereby lower out-of-control health care costs and insurance premiums? 

We will bring another layer of success to your efforts to give your employees the greatest possibilities of a healthy life. Our book “Food is Our Greatest Medicine” details and addresses the horrific ingredients that are placed in the food we consume and why we need to avoid them. Our educational cooking demonstrations deliver on our solution with enthusiasm, interaction, engagement and fun. Our values and method are established to be seamlessly integrated and applied to their lives, with instant benefits.

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