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The world has so many different flavors to offer. Join us as we guide you through the flavors and cuisines of different countries. In this class we will travel to countries like Spain, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Greece and so many more. Each class will be a different country and flavor, so be prepared to experience and fall in love with different cuisines.

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Please note: Class price is per person. 3 business day CANCELLATION POLICY NOTE: No refunds, transfers, gift cards or credits will be issued for cancellations outside of 3 business days of the class date. We cannot provide refunds, transfers, or makeup sessions for classes missed because of illness, job loss, personal emergencies, or events beyond our control. When you register for a class, you reserve and remove that spot from public availability, which cannot be resold with in that time the class will be held. To cancel, you must notify us by phone/and or email, at least 3 business days before the class is held. If class is sold out, please email to be added to wait list.

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