We are different, our mission is revolutionary in the sense we are professional chefs and skilled educators that are experts in food and culinary techniques. Our objective is to free you from pharmaceutical companies and educate you on the power of food and its ability to reverse and prevent chronic illness. We want to challenge the status quo and change the health of this country while respecting the cultural diversity we have in food.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said over 2500 years ago, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” It’s unfortunate that studies continue to show that overweight parents raise overweight children. Then these children become parents who do the same, it’s a cycle I know we can stop. We are not against doctors, medicines, or the medical industry, their work in crucial, but unfortunately they don’t know everything especially in the areas of food and nutrition.

As a society we have given up our personal responsibility regarding health and nutrition. People get most of their information from social media, marketing and advertising companies.  A constant bombardment of misleading, misguided information, that is not only hurtful but has created a confused, overweight, country, that doesn’t know good food from bad food or good nutrition from bad nutrition.

They are always searching for the next super food, quick weight loss pill, magic shake, or miracle diet. None of them work!!!!, diets don’t work, Super food was made up by a marketing company to sell more products, weight loss pills, drinks, and shakes are great for thinning out your bank account only.


Statistically speaking you’ll regain all that weight you lost and for all your heard work and wasted money, gain an additional 5 pounds.

We believe empowerment and education at the family or individual level is the most inspiring and impactful. But to have that health and financial impact be relevant and tangible all 3 areas must be part of a new normal. So, please join us as together we turn every kitchen in America into a Preventive Care Kitchen.

Chef Rich is a former United States Marine and graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. He is the author of the book revolutionizing the way Americans view food “Food is Our Greatest Medicine”.  He is the founder of 1PL8 a culinary school that is inspiring, educating and leading the movement, that we can live healthier lives, through our food. He has cooked for professional athletes, business moguls and celebrity entertainers as well as served the former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama. He has done thousands of cooking demonstrations as well as headlined for live cooking shows in Scottsbluff Nebraska, Lets Cook Seattle, Lets Cook Orlando, and the Daytona Home Show. He has been a contributing writer for Healthy Living Magazine, as well as written for Orlando Family Magazine. He was an award-winning chef instructor at Le Cordon Bleu, a premier culinary college, where he taught classes in all aspects culinary as well as baking and pastry. He is the corporate chef for Thermador, Bosch, and Gaggenau, and does cooking demonstrations throughout the east coast of the United States.  Chef Rich has taught healthy cooking technique classes for major hospitals and organizations like Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital, Florida Hospital, UF Health Cancer Center, and Florida Diabetes Center. He has also developed a unique, fun, educational and engaging “5 B’s of Healthy Living”, a health and wellness program, for city governments, municipalities, corporations, small businesses, churches, colleges, universities, and small groups alike.

Chef Rich Philosophy

Jesus spent a great deal of his ministry on this Earth healing the sick, helping those in need, and offering them a new and better life. Our hope is that through our service, His healing touch will be felt by all who come to us. Our mission strengthens our commitment to you. Because of our faith in Jesus Christ we believe that all people are of infinite value, and focus on serving the whole person–Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Please Allow Us to Serve You

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